What’s The Difference Between A Personal And Business Page On Facebook?

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In this resource, I will explain the difference between a business and personal page. You’ll learn the perks of having a business page, and get a brief rundown of how you’d use the two. They both serve a different purpose and it’s important that they’re used properly.

Personal Page

Your personal page is the page you will have created when you first signed up for Facebook. This page has allowed you to add friends, post to your timeline and share the content you love. Your personal page is a private profile that allows your friends and family to connect, and stay up to date with you. Personal pages are for your close relations to see, while business pages are on public display. Once you use these pages in the correct way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Perks Of A Business Page

So why would you want to create a Facebook business page? Why not use your personal page? There are a number of different reasons which we’ll get into now.

  • Public display – Anyone can find and interact with your business page.
  • In-depth insights – You get insights to the demographics of the people engaging with your page.
  • Publishing tools – This allows you to schedule, draft, and gain insights into your posts.
  • Advertising – You’re able to advertise your Facebook posts on your business page.
  • 3rd Party Tools – You’re able to integrate booking and appointment services on your page.
  • Professional look.

If you haven’t already – you should learn how to create and configure a Facebook Business page. It’s easier than you think, and it will allow you to expand your business online. You will remain relevant, build a base of potential customers, and possibly introduce another stream of income to your business.

Switching Between Pages

You can either post on your personal page, or your business page. If you want to on your personal page you simply need to go to the Facebook home page and post from there.

To post on your business page you’ll need to switch to it. Click the small downward triangle at the top-right corner of your screen and select your page. See image for reference. To return to your personal page: simply click the Facebook logo on the top-left of your screen, or click your name in the top menu bar.

Basic Principles

When it comes to posting on your 2 pages you should be cautious. Posting your political or religious views on your business page looks unprofessional and may result in a loss of potential customers. While posting to much about business on your personal page may annoy your friends. Therefore, try to keep your personal posts on your personal page. And business matters on your business page.



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